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I create my own sample packs and sound design libraries when writing and recording music.  I often use my hardware and then manipulate in the box.  I've decided to start uploading these for free / pay what you want.  Please follow the links below and check back for new packs as i'll be uploading often.

Modular Grandulated - Tunnel of Reverb.j

Modular Granulated Sound Design Pack

I made this using my Make Noise 0-Coast and one of my modular synthesiser racks. From the rack I used a DIY MS20 inspired filter and an Instruo Ceis. I processed the audio using several plug-ins. It was recorded at 24 bit, 48k using an SSL Pre amp.  Great for glitches, making pads, layering for drums.

Includes 100 samples

Breaks Processed Sound Design Pack

Several break samples processed differently using my modular synthesiser and distortion pedals. Hard, heavy and dirty.  May contain chainsaw drums.

Contains 36 samples 
WAV / 48k / 24bit
Recorded via SSL pre amps.


Modular Space Drones Sound Design Pack

This is a library I created for personal use that i've decided to share. There are several space ambiences that include many interesting (i think) sections that can be totally fucked with.

I made this using my Make Noise 0-Coast, one of my modular synthesiser racks and several effects pedals.

Contains 19 samples 
WAV / 48k / 24bit
Recorded via SSL pre amps.

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