Hello, my name is Simon.  I have been working as a record producer and audio engineer for over ten years.

I have been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of artists. Some of my previous clients include MONOThe Front Bottoms,  Black Midi, ITHACA, Pet Symmetry, Apologies I Have None, Cultdreams, Honey Joy, A.A. Williams, The Tuts and many more.  I have also worked on projects for Porsche, Girls Rock and Solidarity Not Silence.

I am based at a private studio in Chicago, Illinois - filled with a large variety of backline and analogue equipment. 

I love working with new people, helping them find 'the sound in their head'.  I have a huge passion for outboard units and guitar pedals.

I am proudly an Earthquaker Devices artist and I write reviews of guitar pedals for Sound On Sound Magazine.

I produce guitar pedal demo videos for YouTube and have worked with many companies including Walrus Audio, Intensive Care Audio, Holy Island Audio, Loaded For Bear, Black Mass Electronics and Strymon.